Lady Gaga Makes Debut Attempt

Call me crazy (or, use the long form name the doctors pencil on my 5150 forms), but I’ve never quite found wild concept costumes and sticking melon on your head as either sexy, or really novel. Heck, back in the second grade, Belinda Balzac used to put bologna on her face with holes for her mouth and nose and called herself Madam Mortadella, but nobody came along and gave her a check for $100 million, she just got sent to a special school. Somehow, Lady Gaga has turned the costume drama and the meat suits into a small fortune and millions of adoring fans, but the one thing she has never tried — reaching out to dudes.

Her photoshoot for the video, You and I, maybe, just maybe, makes that first attempt to see if she can reach a traditional male audience and convince them that underneath all the queeny nonsense, there’s a living, breathing, ogle-worthy woman who you might just check out in her lingerie. As always, we’ll let you be the judge of your own lust levers, see if you are willing to go goo-goo for Gaga in any shape or fashion. Enjoy.