Lady Gaga Topless

I’ll say this for Lady Gaga… actually, not sure what to say any longer. The $100M costume and pop music monster known as Gaga is just one of those phenomena completely foreign to man-kind. Sure, we get why the NBA generates four billion dollars in cash each year, and we get why guys throw large rolls of Benjamins in the air to make it rain in the champagne room at the marquee strip clubs, but why Gaga is becoming the master of time, space, and moolah, we don’t get.

But what we do get, and must begrudgingly respect, Lady Gaga is not scared to flash her body, anywhere, any place, once again baring her lean form in this upcoming edition of Vanity Fair. Love her or leave her, there’s no way not to look at a topless Gaga. Enjoy.