Lady Gaga Bares Her Lady Nest Once More

Oh, how the sorceress doth heartily reveal her wizard sleeves.

Lady Gaga simply can not get enough flashing of her snatch patch these days; I’d call it a wardrobe malfunction but I think we’re looking at something more properly described as a delicatessen disaster. The musical diva slash costume prop took her public displays of affectation to the streets of The Big Apple yesterday in a sort of Queen of Hearts rides the Short Bus routine, wherein she proceeded to bare her corned beef hash for the entirety of the world to ogle, inspect, and basically just wonder what the hell they were witnessing, sort of an optical disillusionment of the gonadial variety. Make of it what you will, brave souls. Enjoy.

(Surely, we must be in some kind of time warp because Gaga’s Fifteen Minutes seems to be lasting forever.)