Miranda Kerr Nude and Pregnant

My girlfriend tells me that men are afraid to admit when they’re wrong because it’s admitting weakness and men instinctively hide their flaws for a false show of strength. My response was to throw out her entire collection of 'figuring out dudes' books. I also put The Oxygen Channel on parental lockout on the DirecTV, just to outflank her backup plan.

However, today, I am fully prepared to admit that I over-reacted a year ago when a clanged the death knell for Miranda Kerr hotness, or at least predicted a long term hiatus following her knocked-up-ness at the grabby hands of her foppish Pirates of the Caribbean husband. Not only did Miranda Kerr return quickly and hotter than ever, she pretty much photographed her pregnancy and nursing stages with the utmost of sextastic lenses. Case in point, her covered nude photo from Vogue Australia, a couple months before she popped out her pup. Ever glorious Miranda went from this, to how we’ve seen her this week at Fashion Week, slender, fine, ridiculously sex, and now with enhanced mama milkers, in a mere matter of months. Glory be.

I was wrong. And I admit it. Now, back to the protective confines of the male drum circle.