Miranda Kerr Goes Bare Wicked Hot Bum

I think you can tell by today’s content that somebody got a whole lot of November edition ladies magazines in the mail recently. Yes, it’s my time of the month, as it were, when I step outside my pied-à-terre, suffer the slings and arrows (literally) of the neighborhood boys who mock me, and snatch my monthly fairer sex fashion magazines from atop my 'I’m Lonely, Come Inside' doormat, and scour through the pages of enticing ladies for ladies action, not to mention smelling the perfume samples and learning less painful ways to bikini wax my taint. It’s all good.

But never so good as when Miranda Kerr appears, covered nekkid and flashing her bum on the pages of Harper’s Bazaar. So hot, Miranda puts the big 'F' in MILFtastic, turning even a fashion spread designed to put women further into credit card debt into a wonderful afternoon ogle for any man with even the hint of sight. Miranda stuns at every turn. At least, something is making me tingle.