Anna Jandrasopark Sex Tape

Anna Jandrasopark aka Issaraporn Jandrasopark (Born September 2, 1980 in Bangkok, Thailand) is a Thai singer and actress. She’s of Thai & German Decent and the lead singer of the music group «Jamp." She had a very interesting home sex tape featuring dildos and handcuffs go public.
Although her full name is Anna Jandrasopark she professionally goes by the name of by Anna Bell (belle = beautiful) and she is 26 years old. I understand that she is half Thai, half German and was born in Bangkok and is 26 years old. It is said that Anna Jandrasopark’s boyfriend took his computer in for repair and inadvertently forgot that their copy of the said movie was stored on the hard disk. . well so the story goes…. There have been various posts on the Internet like I really don’t agree with what she did. That was a big mistake and if some people from Thailand see this that they’ll be very angry. She got a bad reputation and all people around the world will judge all Thai women are prostitute. So she’s a real bitch and liar!. So now some info on the tape. The Thai music group JAMP was hit with a sex scandal when a hardcore homevideo of one of its members, Anna Jandrasopark was released. Anna is well known in Thailand and is for them a kind of Pamela Anderson, Paris Hilton type celebrity who later went on to become an actress and whose latest film goes by the name of Shadow Island.