Anya Ayoung-Chee Sex Tape

Hiroko Mima, who was crowned Miss Universe Japan 2008, and Anya Ayoung-Chee, who was crowned Miss Universe 2008 of Trinidad and Tobago 2008, are in the middle a scandal after an intimate video tape leaked allegedly showing Hiroko and Anya together having s*x with Anya’s boyfriend Wyatt Gallery, and with each other.

Although neither girl was crowned Miss Universe, the Donald Trump owned organization is left with a bit of a public relations dilema. While the pageant always tries to promote the contestants as beautiful, talented, and smart, the reality is the girls are also h*rny, and subject to the same weaknesses as the rest of us humans.

With that said, there are a bunch of videos floating around, but we’ve got 4 videos, along with pictures, of the two girls and Wyatt having a really good time. Carrie Prejean may be getting an offer for a one-time payment to allow her solo tapes to be sold and distributed, but Hiroko and Anya should get full-time contracts. These two girls are pros.