Angelina Jolie sex tape

Angelina Jolie is a really interesting person. She’s undeniably gorgeous, she seems involved in and informed on world politics, and she actually seems to have a genuine concern and care for those less fortunate than herself. That being said, she’s looking to adopt another child…and the Daily Mail reports that she was recently tangled in Burmese red-tape, so she’s looking to adopt in the Philippines for child number seven.

Yes, that’s 7!’It’s not for me to say how many is «too many." Heck, I don’t have any kids at all But it seems to me if you and your partner both can’t strap one on your body and hold hands on each side with one (that would be six children) that you would be getting to critical mass.

Your thoughts? Is it too many or am I just a jerk for pointing this out?