Tila Tequila Helps Prank Her Sex Tape Audience

A Tila Tequila sex tape, you say? Sure, it’s the kind of thing we’d probably crack a few jokes about, but damn if we wouldn’t watch it. Just look at her, she’s adorable!

Luckily, the folks at Vivid have made that a possibility with the release of «Uncorked» which is not only a sex tape starring Tila Tequila, but it also stars Tila Tequila with other women! Sign us up!

And it’s just this kind of enthusiasm that would have made us the perfect prey for what you’re about to see. As part of their new prank series called «Hornswoggled," the folks at Egotastic set up an exclusive advance screening of Tila Tequila’s sex tape for some lucky fans. Hilarity ensues when a special and «uninvited» guest crashes the screening.