Tila Tequila MTV 2012

Tila has a mouth like a drunken sailor on shore leave. Don’t watch this recap if you’re easily offended by words whose utterance had many of us routinely in the elementary school principal’s office.

We were so proud of our-own-uneducated-selves for figuring out how to make a 4G cell phone run our livestream from the 2011 MTV Movie Awards this past Sunday that we forgot that we had a backup camera rolling to capture the event, and our toasted hostess with the mostess, Tila Tequila, covering the red carpet live.

Here’s a three minute recap of the afternoon we had out there at Universal, and, despite the fact that all the big celebrities came racing by at 30-knots surrounded by a posse of uptight publicists, we still had a blast. For those who missed the live feed, take a gander.